Association of Related Ministries International

Minister’s Association

The Association of Related Ministries International (A.R.M.I.) is an extension of Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM). A.R.M.I. is a unique partnership committed to providing resources to help like-minded ministers succeed in a spirit of excellence and to draw from the experience and expertise of both the AWM and Charis Bible College staff. This minister’s association is unique because of its plan to provide pastors and licensed ministers with encouragement and support through continued education and training. Andrew and A.R.M.I. Executive director, Greg Mohr, want to personally invite you to join this special ministerial association. You will be blessed!

"Working alone has its benefits, survival is not one of them.”

—Dr. Dean Radtke

Dear Fellow Ministers:

For years, friends have asked me to start a ministers' association. They tell me they feel disconnected and isolated. They say they need the friendships of other like-minded ministers and that they are looking for support and encouragement. I've prayed about this for years, and it's time to act.

We are in the process of developing A.R.M.I., the Association of Related Ministries International. If you're a pastor, traveling teacher or evangelist, church staff member, or a minister from a para church organization, you're invited to be a part.

I believe that the Lord has uniquely positioned Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM) and Charis Bible College (CBC) to accomplish this. Through CBC, its staff, and a network of ministry professionals, we are able to bring extensive resources to the table.

My purpose for A.R.M.I. is to serve you. My determination is to ensure that A.R.M.I. never becomes self-serving. I believe that this new organization will help ministers like you from across our nation and around the world fulfill their calling.

God bless you,
Andrew Wommack